7 Reasons why you should focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience!

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 1. It costs a lot less to keep an existing customer (and turn them into an advocate), than it costs to acquire a new customer. Marketing in order to attract new customers is expensive and time consuming.

2. Delivering an exceptional customer experience, shifts the focus away from the price. This is huge.

3. Exceptional customer experience leads to existing customers buying more. This creates a greater yield per customer and more profitability, as purchases from existing customers cost less.

4. Exceptional customer experience builds confidence and loyalty in your brand. This helps lower customer attrition (the rate at which you lose clients.)

5. Exceptional customer experience creates word of mouth referrals. This is generally regarded as the best form of marketing and produces amazing results!

6. Developing a customer experience program helps you identify an unsatisfied customer quickly. This gives you time to make things good and turn an unhappy customer into a very happy one.

7. Your success is directly linked to the experience your customers receive. This alone makes it essential, to create an exceptional customer experience!

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